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12:00 - 15:00 and 18:00 - 22:00
Tel: +386 5 93 000 74
Name & Address: Salicornia d.o.o., Sermin 74, 6000 Koper
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Ribja restavracija Koper

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Chef Vjekoslav and wine consultant Jan are an experienced duo, we gathered many years of experience in a well-known restaurant on the coast. After the period of the epidemic, which temporarily separated us, we decided to continue our professional path together, on which we want to create our own culinary story and offer it to our guests.

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In addition to Istrian wines, our Restaurant Salicornia offer also includes wines from all wine-growing areas of Slovenia, and you can also choose from wines from our neighboring regions of Italy and Croatia.

Let wine consultant Jan, WSET level 2 wine consultant lead you to new experiences! Among the 70 wine labels, he will always find a wine that will go perfectly with the chosen dish.

Located in Koper, this restaurant in Koper offers a superb dining experience with delectable seafood dishes made with the finest ingredients, providing a culinary delight that will leave you craving for more.

Chef Vjekoslav will always surprise you with new seafood flavors. Indulge yourself with food that is carefully prepared and will pamper your taste buds. The range of dishes changes in harmony with the seasons, and we choose food from local providers.



star rating  10/10 - the staff was very professional ☺️ food was great! from starter to dessert everything was good ☺️ worth visiting and trying 🤩

avatar thumb Sunita Edina Š

star rating  Fantastic food and excellent service - We were welcomed very nicely at Salicornia, we were shown what they had to offer and advised on what we wanted. We were offered a five course menu. The dishes... read more

avatar thumb enejp2022

star rating  Birthday diner - Hi, we had fantastic food and local wine. Waiter was very good in food presentation and intime service. Cook prepared food using mostlly local supply. He used imagination and plate... read more

avatar thumb W4467YObrunop


We have been traveling across Slovenia and tried different places for eating, but Salicornia served us with the very best and unique experience in this country. They opened just recently and we found it just accidentally when looking for something to eat. From the outside it looks normal, the building does not indicate the top class restaurant inside, but when you walk through the door, you will notice a very elegant interior with toned well-chosen colors and beautiful wooden furniture. We were very pleasantly greeted at the entrance and served very nicely during the whole stay. Before serving the dishes, the waiter told us a few interesting facts about the Salicornia plant and we also had the opportunity to taste delicious ice creams. The main courses were just a concert of tastes. They specialize in fishes and sea food. Because they are located close to the sea, they always have them fresh. One of the dishes we tried was a tuna steak and it was amazing. We have never tried such excellent fish steak. I also find other dishes very tasty. Pasta was delicious and dessert was just great. If you are in Slovenia, and you expect a very nice place with amazing food, good wines and nice, professional service, this restaurant is a must and we fully recommend it!

Paweł Adamczyk Avatar Paweł Adamczyk

Bellissima esperienza!! Servizio impeccabile, i piatti sono eccezionali con materie prime di alto livello. Complimenti!

Mija Valenčič Avatar Mija Valenčič

Izvrstna hrana in vina. Ob vsakem obisku sem bolj presenečena in navdušena nad jedmi, ki jih tako lepo in dobro pripravijo ter nad izvrsnimi vini in prezentacijo. Čeprav nisem velika ljubiteljica ribje hrane, sem pri njih vedno bila več kot zadovoljna. Toplo priporočam obisk gastronomskih večerov, kjer vsakič sodelujejo z novimi lokalnimi vinarji in ustvarijo odličen meni, ki se sklada z vini. Bravo Jan, Vjekoslav in ekipa!

Nika Avatar Nika

Very good food. The fish was excellent!

Paula Matekovic Avatar Paula Matekovic

We tryed this restaurant on a recommandation by a dear friend, its a newly opened restaurant a few minutes from koper, specialized in fish and local wines, we tried the 5 course degustation menu, plus a few glasses of wine, the dishes were very ineresting and the best part is that they werent simmilar to the other generic fish restaurants, so dont expect fried squids or something simmilar, they had a very interesting combination of flavours and the wine went along really fine, i would definatly suggest u pay a visit to this restaurant, all together we paid 65e per person for the 5 course menu, water and a few glasses of wine

Franci Frenki Avatar Franci Frenki

Odlicna hrana in postrezba. Priporocam.

Špela Bertok Avatar Špela Bertok

Malvasia Unica, Kabola0,75L - 44€

Malvasia, KlenArt0,75L - 18€

Dolce, Kabola0,375L - 52€

Momjan’s moscat, Kabola0,5L - 28€

Yellow muscat, Mansus0,375L - 55€

Yellow muscat, Posestvo Mollé0,75L - 26€

Picolit, Klet brda0,5L - 37€

“StOry” White, Ščurek0,375L - 48€

Cabernet sauvignon Cru, KlenArt0,75L - 37€

Merlot Reni, KlenArt0,75L - 37€

Merlot, Krapež0,75L - 37€

Pinot noir Cru, KlenArt0,75L - 37€

Malvasia Amfora, Kabola0,75L - 51€

Pinot noir Tinja, KlenArt0,75L - 24€

Pinot noir, Pasji rEp0,75L - 35€

Modra frankinja barrique, Prus0,5L - 33€

Mihael red, Prinčič0,75L - 39€

uP red, Ščurek0,75L - 88€

Refošk “Istras”, KlenArt0,75L - 28€

Cabernet sauvignon Vinja, KlenArt0,75L - 22€

Rosé, Batič0,75L - 28€

Rosé, Montemoro0,75L - 25€

Rosé Markiza, Gašper0,75L - 28€

Santenay 1er Cru, Thomas Morey0,75L - 59€

Chablis les venerables, La Chablisienne0,75L - 45€

Rebula Roncalto, Livon0,75L - 33€

“Friulano”, Livon0,75L - 29€

Malvasia Soluna, Livon0,75L - 33€

Solarco, Livon0,75L - 37€

Braide alte, Livon0,75L - 49€

Andritz white, Sturm0,75L - 47€

Pinot gris ECO, Sturm0,75L - 38€

Rebula, Sturm0,75L - 31€

“Supremo”, Kabola0,75L - 51€

Malvasia, Dvorec Belaj0,75L - 28€

Malvasia, Kozlović0,75L - 33€

Malvasia, Coronica0,75L - 29€

Malvasia, Kabola0,75L - 27€

Secco, Kabola0,75L - 24€

Zaria, Batič1,5L - 85€

Stara brajda white, Ščurek1,5L - 91€

Stara brajda white, Ščurek1,5L - 75€

Malvasia Avaler, Posestvo Mollé0,75L - 44€

Malvasia Amorus, Montemoro0,75L - 37€

Lapor white, Krapež0,75L - 31€

Zaria, Batič0,75L - 43€

Pinot gris, Ščurek0,75L - 39€

Pinot gris, Movia0,75L - 35€

Pinot gris Aurei, Prinčič0,75L - 47€

Rebula UP, Ščurek0,75L - 82€

Kontra, Ščurek0,75L - 45€

Veliko belO, MoviA0,75L - 46€

Carolina white, Jakončič0,75L - 51€

Mihael white, Prinčič0,75L - 33€

Stara brajda, Ščurek0,75L - 39€

Pinot gris sélection, Batič0,75L - 35€

Pinela Selection, Batič0,75L - 35€

Chardonnay, Sutor0,75L - 35€

Chardonnay selection, Mavrič0,75L - 32€

Chardonnay Kozana, Edi Simčič0,75L - 56€

Pinot gris, Marjan Simčič0,75L - 27€

Pinot gris, Mavrič0,75L - 22€

Gusto (jakot), Mavrič0,75L - 22€

Jakot, Ščurek0,75L - 25€

Zelen, Pasji rEp0,75L - 25€

Chardonnay, Montemoro0,75L - 26€

Chardonnay, KlenArt0,75L - 24€

Chardonnay, Prinčič0,75L - 24€

Rebula, Batič0,75L - 27€

Rebula, Marjan Simčič0,75L - 27€

Rebula, Ščurek0,75L - 25€

Malvasia, Posestvo Mollé0,75L - 22€

Sauvignon, Kušter0,75L - 22€

Cuvee Interdite, Piot Sevillano0,75L - 97€

Rebelle, Piot Sevillano0,75L - 73€

Brut Tradition, Piot Sevillano0,75L - 61€

ComTes de Champagne, Taittinger0,75L - 229€

Rosé brut, Taittinger0,75L - 102€

Brut, Taittinger0,75L - 82€

Cru penina, KlenArt0,75L - 38€

Puro white / Rosé, Movia0,75L - 46€

Blanc de Blanc, Sinefinis0,75L - 41€

Blanc de Noir, Bjana0,75L - 49€

Brut Rosé, Bjana0,75L - 45€

BruT, Bjana0,75L - 41€

Blanc de Blanc, Domaine Slapšak0,75L - 41€

Rosé, Domaine Slapšak0,75L - 34 €

Rosé Selection, Radgonske gorice0,75L - 31€

Malvasia, Zaro0,75L - 23 €

Malvasia, Montemoro0,75L | 23 €

Sauvignon, Mavrič0,75L - 23 €

Sauvignon selection, Marjan Simčič0,75L - 41 €

Penina EdiTion, Kušter0,75L - 28 €

Penina Brut, KlenArt0,75L - 25 €



Beer IPA castra 0,33 l4.00€

Beer San Servolo 0,33 l4.00€

Oban 14y whiskey8.50€

Diplomatico rum7.00€

Isfjord gin5.00€

Tonic water 1724 0,2 l4.50€

Lemonade 0,3 l3.00€

Oraketa 0,5 l2.50€

Coca cola 0,25 l2.50€

Apple juice 0,1 l1.00€

Mineral water Radenska 0,5 l2.50€

Flavoured water 0,25 l2.50€

Still water 0,5 l2.50€


Decaf cappuccino2.20€

Decaf coffee1.80€




Seasonal offer12.00€ - 20.00€


Dessert5.00€ - 7.00€


Turbot fillet with truffles19.00€

Tuna steak24.00€

Adriatic shrimps80.00€ / kg

White fish fillet70.00€ / kg

Pasta with lobster90.00€ / kg

Seasonal risotto for 2 persons29.00€

Sea tripe with polenta15.00€

Pljukanci with cuttlefish and peas15.00€

Fuzi with sausage and sea urchin19.00€

Green gnocchi with vongole and bottarga18.50€

Maltagliati with codfish, tomato and olives16.00€

Daily soup5.00€ - 8.00€

Mixed fish appetizer16.00€

Tuna fish tartare15.50€

Seabass Carpaccio15.50€

Codfish pate10.00€

Octopus salad13.00€

DEGUSTATION MENU 5-course50.00€ / Person*

DEGUSTATION MENU 3-course30.00€ / Person*


All prices are in EUR and include VAT.
All prices are valid from 1. 9. 2022.

Ribja restavracija Koper
O ponudbi v naši ribji restavraciji:

Naše morske jedi so sestavljene in morskih sadežev in svežih rib, ki so bile ulovljene v lokalnem Jadranskem morju. Svežino nam zagotavljajo lokalni ribični kot je Ribarnica Jerman. Posledično so naše morske jedi sestavljene iz sezonskih morskih dobrot, ki so trenutno na razpolago pri naših lokalnih dobaviteljih.

Svežina ribe ali morskega sadeža je predvsem pomembna, ko se jo dobi na krožnik surovo, neobdelano. Zaradi lokalnih ponudnikov se naša ribja restavracija lahko pohvali z pestro izbiro sezonskih hladnih predjedi.

Za goste, ki jim surove jedi niso najbolj pri srcu pa imamo na voljo tople predjedi, predvsem različne oblike testenin z školjkami, ki se prilagajajo sezonsko (vongole, pedoče, kapesante…) ali pa v kombinaciji z mehkužci (follpoti, sipe, hobotnice,…) ali rakci (tigraste kozice, škampi, gamberi, morske bogomoljke,…)

Seveda v ribji restavraciji ne sme manjkati rib, naša ponudba pa se razlikuje iz dneva v dan, saj naši zaposleni poskrbijo da iz ribarnice vsako jutro prinesejo le najboljše iz dnevnega ulova. Odvisno od sezone vam lahko ponudimo orado, brancina, tuno, kovača, skalda, morskega lista, gladkega romba, kantarja, triljo, škarpene, zobatce,…

Za piko na i pa ne sme manjkati sladica. Prav tako kot morski sadeži so tudi sestavine in okusi sladic prilagojeni sezoni.

Če želite izkusiti okuse istre in uživati v morkih jedeh je naša ribja restavracija Koper torej pravi naslov za vas. Pridih istre lahko občutite v vsaki jedi, ali z tradicionalno baziliko, ali tartufi, ali preprosto z domačimi testeninami kot so, na primer, tradicionalni istrski fuži.

Ribja restavracija Koper
Ponudba vin v naši ribji restavraciji:

K vsaki jedi se seveda prileže tudi kozarec vina. Zato je naš vinski svetovalec pripravil pestro ponudbo vin, predvsem iz lokalnih vinorodnih leg. V samo vinsko karto smo vključili široko ponudbo vokalnih sort in vinarjev iz Istre, Goriških brd, Krasa, Vipavske doline, tudi sosednjih držav Hrvaške in Italije.

Če se osredotočimo na lokalne sorte se najprej spomnimo na Istrsko malvazijo in Refošk. Kljub temu, da sta to zelo popularni in splošno poznani sorti vina se za njima skriva še dosti manj poznanih sort, za katere vedo predvsem vinski poznavalci. V naši restavraciji se lahko prepustite našemu vinskemu svetovalcu, ki bo našel primerno vino za vsak okus. Kljub temu, da se laični vinoljubi tega pogosto ne zavedajo, za vsakim vinom stoji zgodba, ki jo piše vinar, ki poskrbi za ustrezne pogoje, ki ga ima trta za rast, lego in oskrbo samega vinograda, in začrta pot tudi samemu grozdnemu soku da iz njega nastane vrhunsko vino, pa naj bo to macerirano ali ne, preprosto sveže in nežno ali pa zorjeno v lesenih sodih. Prav te zgodbe vam bo prav pri vsakem vinu predstavil naš vinski svetovalec in s tem poskrbel za edinstveno dopolnitev jedi v naši ribji restavraciji.

Ribja restavracija Koper

Morski sadeži (odvisno od sezone) :
Jadransko morje

  • Ribe (obrada, brancin, tuna, kovač, skaldi, morski listi, gladki rombi, kantar, trilje, škarpene, zobatci,…)
  • Školjke (vongole, pedoče, kapesante,…)
  • Mehkužci (sipa, folpo, hobotnica,…)
  • Morski raki (tigraste kozice, škampi, gamberi, morske bogomoljke,…)

Lokalna vina (macerirana ali sveža):
Istra, Goriška brda, Kras, Vipavska dolina, Friuli-Venezia Giulia

  • Bela (malvazija, sivi pinot, muškat, sauvignon, chardonnay,…)
  • Rdeča (merlot, refošk,…)
  • Rose vina
  • Sladka vina
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